A Gallery of Model Railroading

Below is a collection of galleries featuring the works of others in the model railroading community. Click on the thumbnail to open each gallery.

If you have a collection of model railroading images that you would like to share, please drop me a line via the feedback page. If the images feature work that is not your own, please ensure that you have permission to post them online before sending them to me.


O Scale Midwest March Meet 2007

These are photos I took during the layout tours for the O Scale Midwest March Meet in 2007. They are photos from four different layouts. Unfortunately I do not recall the names of the modelers, but they regularly open their homes to visitors during the weekend of the meet-up. The website for the Midwest March Meet is

Little Q Open House

This a set of photos that I took while visiting the Little 'Q' Model Railroad Club during their open house in November 2006. The Little 'Q' (whose name is a reference to the Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Railroad) is located in Aurora, Illinois.

GATS Tampa, 2004

This is a set of photos that I took at the Tampa Great American Train Show in December 2004.

Sarasota Model Railroad Club

These are photos I took at the Sarasota Model Railroad Club during their open house in December 2003. At the time, the club had multiple layouts featuring O scale (both 2-rail scale and 3-rail O-27), HO scale, N scale, and even G gauge trains. I believe the club has since moved and the layouts featured in these photos have been dismantled. Their website is

GATS Tampa, 2002

Pictures taken while I was at the Great American Train Show in Tampa, Florida in December 2002. I apologise for the date stamp on each picture. The camera I was using was borrowed, and I didn't realise that the date stamp feature was turned on.

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