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Welcome to VrmlTrains, a website where you can view and operate model trains right inside your web browser using VRML technology. I hope you enjoy your visit. I created this site in an effort to combine my interests in railroads and computers. The individual models and layouts on this site have been created using VRML technology, an open standard for 3D graphics on the web.

A VRML browser plugin or standalone viewer is required in order to access the interactive content on this site. Please see our VRML info page for more information.

To run a train in full, interactive 3D, take a look at the layouts section. There you can browse the available layouts and choose which one you would like to operate a train over. Then you will be put in control of a virtual train while you deliver cargo to various destinations inside a realistic 3D environment.

If you'd rather view models individually, then take a look at the model gallery where you can examine each featured model close-up and in detail. Each of these models has been painstakingly recreated from information about real world railroad equipment and rolling stock.

Please note that you will need a VRML player (either a plug-in for your web browser, or a standalone viewer) in order to access the interactive portions of this website. If you do not have a VRML plug-in or viewer, please see the VRML info page for information about how to install one for your system.

If you have any comments or questions about this site, then please let me know by sending me your thoughts through the feedback page.

Finally, if you really enjoy this site (and I sincerely hope that you do) and you would like to encourage its continuing development, then please consider sending me a small donation through the Papal using the donation button on the right-hand side of the page.


Download the Cortona3D Viewer from ParallelGraphics to view the interactive content on this site.

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